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What happens now..?

Markit  is an online grocery marketplace operating in Lebanon and setting up for expansion in other cities in the MENA.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Markit has seen a 120% increase in sales as a result of more orders, larger baskets and new users.

“Amid this situation, we have shifted into an emergency mode to launch more stores at an accelerated rate and cover more areas to help more people to stay safe inside their homes”.

Online groceries are among the top sectors  witnessing a boom around the world, this also has definitively affected e-commerce as a whole where all kinds of stores and even malls are going online.  We are looking at a worldwide shift in consumer behaviour.

IN 1914, the American population entered panic mode. They were fighting a losing war - they ran out of weapons. Weapons people, not pasta, not rice, not flour. Weapons.

If you are the one who is carrying more toilet paper than you should, please, we beg you to stop. You are not helping anyone, especially not yourself.

We have seen businesses thrive over the past few weeks. Partly because they have the permission to stay open, but a chunk is based on their marketing strategies. How they took themselves online. How fast they reacted to everything.

The day lock-down was announced, Amazon’s shelves were almost empty. There had to be a second go-to, and those were the ones who gained the trust. Not because they had more stock, nor because they deserved it, nor because they were famous enough.

They were simply at the right place at the right time. Then they screamed for attention, and as soon as the demand was there but the supply not, they were found.

Be present now.

Not tomorrow, not yesterday.



Tamara Irshaid


Sep 22, 2021

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